A minor disagreement with a dessert

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Yesterday I got this grand idea of making this fancy chocolate heart dessert for my hubby…. yeah umm well…. hang on this is a bit of a bumpy ride

It all started out well…

Step 1: Melt Chocolate in a double boiler (or for those of you who don’t have one stacked pans) with shortening (see note below)

*** MAKE SURE you put shortening in it to keep it moist or it will get hard quick (don’t use milk!! BAD BAD BAD idea that I had  and shall not be EVER  mentioned again, STUPID MILK, stupid chemical reaction).


Step 2: Get a cute heart silicon mold

***FYI don’t throw out directions of how to make stuff in the molds SOOO bad idea

Step 3: Put the melted chocolate in the mold and paint up the sides to make it into a chocolate cup.

*** SOO does not go nearly as smoothly as that direction says.  Melted chocolate = doesn’t stick to the sides

Step 3 1/2: Let the chocolate harden in the mold for a minute THEN paint the sides with chocolate

*** need patients for this takes A LOT of steps to get a thick shell (again learned the hard way, see next few steps)

Step 4: Put in the freezer (didn’t screw this step up PHEW!)

Step 5: Pull out of the cups by bending the silicon mold back

*** Yeah this is where I had a minor disagreement with the molds and lets just leave it as there was an incident and move on

Step 6: Make a totally different dessert using chocolate pieces and enjoy.

Tell me your story!


  1. Well, the end result looks tasty. BUtI think you could have skipped a few steps there. >;-D

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