Learning Ways on How To Have A Good Divorce Experience

dealing with divorce

Divorce is a process that has always been deemed negative. It is, after all, the termination and cancellation of a marriage. More than that, it involves dividing properties, deciding on child custody, determining child support, and so much more.


During the end of a relationship, we cannot deny the wounded feelings we will have, the sleepless nights we will experience, and the bucket of tears we will or have shed during the course of the process. Sometimes, a divorce may even feel like the end of the world.

But it really is not. In all honesty, the pain shall pass. It’s only a matter of time. Luckily, there are ways to actually experience a good divorce. You can bid goodbye to the divorce stereotypes because these don’t have to apply to you.

Better Experience

  • Start with the mind.

A change in your way of thinking will be a huge help in your part. If you cognitively reconstruct yourself in a way that you are more optimistic than pessimistic, you’ll find out that you’re going to be much happier. The power of attracting positive vibes is something you need. When you choose to focus on the positive things, you will learn to appreciate even the smallest things in life.  

  • Get emotional help.

The divorce process is an emotional roller coaster ride. There will be times when you want to cry your eyes out and there will be times when you want to release all your anger out. In the end, you must find ways to do these things.

A great way to deal with your emotions would be meeting a counselor; having someone to talk to about what you’re going through is very important. You may also go to places which have rage-rooms or anger-rooms (e.g. Korea’s Rage-Room). Simply put, you need to find a proper way to release your emotions.

getting psychological help

  • Hire a good lawyer.

In order to not stress yourself even more, you must hire a lawyer you can trust. Fortunately, you can find a trustworthy divorce attorney around Naples, you just have to exert effort in search them up or looking for recommendations.

  • Find new hobbies.

The idle mind is the devil’s playground; hence, you should busy yourself with new hobbies. Find new things that interest you. Perhaps, you can try going to the gym, or try attending yoga classes. If not, you can start learning how to bake, you may even enroll in cooking class. You can also start gardening in your home.

  • Be realistic.

With the costs and the outcome, you must be realistic. Do not set your expectations too high so you will not be disappointed. Talk to your lawyer about the possible outcomes.


On Parenting: The Right Way of Handling Sports for My Kid

children playing sports

There’s nothing more exciting than watching your bundle of joy throw a kick at the ball for soccer or glide confidently in the skating rink for hockey; indeed, watching your kids participate in a sport is such a positive experience. It’s never bad to be a stage mom or dad as long as you do not overdo it.

As parents, there will be times when our kids will deem us insensitive. As much as we don’t want to be one, our very own emotions, even dreams and goals, may get in the way and may cause us to forget about the sensitivity of our children. And when it comes to sports, this usually happens.

For many parents, sports is more than just a way to provide health benefits for our kids. Sports may be their way of pushing their kids to socialize or in some situations, sports is an avenue for their kids to excel. Usually, if this is the case, parents can become a little too pushy about playing.

If you feel that you might be becoming too much of a pushy stage parent, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will provide a guide for you to use in your journey of parenting.

sports pressure on kids

Parenting and Sports Tips

  • Listen to your kid.

One of the most important things you should do as parents is to listen to your kid. First and foremost, talk to them about how they feel towards sports. Ask them if they want to participate or not. If they do not, talk to them why. Furthermore, you may explain more about sports in order to persuade them to give it a try (that is if you really want them to join). However, always remember to be gentle to your little ones and never force them to do something they are uncomfortable of doing.

  • Explain how sports games work.

If your kids are into sports and are truly excited to be part of the team, you still need to talk to them and explain how sports games work. Explain about the possibilities of winning and losing; moreover, give advantages and disadvantages of being a winner or otherwise.

It’s also important to emphasize commitment to games; that is, give your kids an overview on how it will take some of their time for practice. Other than this, explain how teamwork and their attitude towards the other players will affect them.

  • Give your kid a break.

Don’t push your kid to work too hard in sports. Never pressure your kids to win the final games or even the minor ones. And if they’ve worked their butts off, give them a break. Reward them positively for working hard despite whatever results they attained.

  • Support your kid.

One of the best things you can do, as a parent, is to be supportive. There are plenty of ways to show support to your kids. Bringing them to their practice is one and signing them up for sports lessons is another. You may support them by making sure they have the right sports equipment; if your kid is playing hockey, you can show your support by ensuring your kids’ hockey gear. Other ways of supporting may include attending their games or practices, giving them pep talks, etc.

Bottom Line

It’s not enough to just know the essential things for our babies; we must also know what our children need as they grow up. Very importantly, we must be an understanding and considerate parent. Even if you dream of seeing your child holding the championship title; witnessing your children doing their best should already be enough. Never make them feel that their best isn’t good enough. And if you want to encourage them harder, don’t do it abruptly. As previously mentioned, be firm but gentle.