5 Tips for Easing Persistent Pain

Chronic pain, or persistent pain, is pain that lasts for three months or longer. Unfortunately, thousands of people in the U.S. struggle with persistent pain each year. In fact, evidence suggests that one in five Americans are currently affected by chronic pain, so if you are living with pain, you are not alone.

The good news for anyone who is living with chronic pain is that there are lots of things you can do to manage your pain so that you can start enjoying life again and so that you can get on with the things that are important to you. If you are living with chronic pain, here are some of our top tips to help you ease it:

1.     Consider Taking Medication

Nobody wants to be in pain; however, it is often hard to know how to relieve pain. Evidence suggests that one of the best ways to relieve pain is to take medication. Thankfully, there are hundreds of amazing over-the-counter and prescription drugs available that can help to ease chronic pain. Unfortunately, many people experience side effects from the medication provided by their doctor.

Thanks to this, many people search for other types of medication or remedies that will help to ease their pain. One option that has become popular with chronic illness sufferers is Kratom. Kratom not only helps to relieve pain but there are also several other benefits of taking it. However, before purchasing Kratom, it is important to find a legit vendor that sells high-quality products e.g., many people have stated that Kraken makes good Kratom.

2.     Manage Your Weight

Another great tip for easing persistent pain is to make sure you manage your weight. Excess weight can cause more pressure on the weight-bearing joints which can increase the amount of pain you are experiencing. Not only that, but fat sends out chemical signals which increases inflammation in your body too.

3.     Stay Positive

While being positive does not actually reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing, evidence suggests that a positive attitude can significantly increase your ability to cope with pain. Try not to give in to the pain you are experiencing; instead, try and find ways to take your mind off it. You can do this by doing the things you enjoy, such as listening to music, watching tv, or going for a stroll.

4.     Try Relaxation Techniques

Performing relaxation techniques on a regular basis can help you to cope better with your pain. Techniques such as massage, heat, stretching, and light activity can help you to recover after a flare-up in pain, and it can help you to get back to your normal activity levels a lot faster.

5.     Stay Hydrated

Although you may not realize it, staying hydrated can actually help to reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing. In fact, two recent studies found that dehydration can increase a person’s perception of pain. So, make sure you stay hydrated.

Lots of people in the U.S. struggle with chronic pain. Chronic pain can make it hard for people to perform daily activities such as cleaning the house, taking care of children, and even getting dressed. However, thankfully there are lots of things you can do to ease chronic pain. If you are struggling with chronic pain, follow the tips above.

Buying a Vending Machine: What to Look For

Starting a vending machine business is something anyone can do, even when they have limited capital. While starting and maintaining a vending machine business can be very lucrative if done right, there are some mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a vending machine. In this article, we will focus on what you need to look for when choosing one.

Customer Experience

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the customer experience, notably the ease of using the vending machine. People love vending machines because they are convenient and fast. People do not want to spend a lot of time at a vending machine because it is not working as expected or is hard to use. They do not want to learn how to use the vending machine but instead want to grab what they have bought as quickly as possible.

A simple way to know whether a vending machine offers a great user experience is to check if kids can use the vending machine. If they can figure out how to use the vending machine and complete a purchase, then adults can do the same without thinking about it too much or expending too much energy.


The mechanics for most vending machines are similar. However, some vending machines dispense the products too slowly or are prone to jamming. Once people realize that either or both of these happen with your vending machines, they will avoid them.

It is therefore important to check the mechanics by making a few purchases before letting people use the vending machine. This will allow you to find any issues that might hinder sales and turn people off. Also, check the machine regularly to ensure it is working as expected.

Payment Options

Most people appreciate having the ability to pay with a method that is most convenient for them. Barring that, they will often move to another vendor and might not come back even after you implement the extra payment options.

When looking for a vending machine for your business, it should have not only the main payment methods options but some extra ones that your customers will appreciate. At the very minimum, the machine should allow people to pay using cash (notes and coins), debit and credit cards, as well as preloaded cards. You can allow fob keys, contactless cards, and digital payment options as extras to attract customers who may prefer these payment methods. The good news is that there are several good vending machines for sale that offer a wide variety of payment options, and these are the vending machines you should ask for when shopping for vending machines

Types of Products

Depending on the types of customers you are targeting, a vending machine can sell a narrow set of products or a wide one. You want a vending machine that allows you to sell as many types of products as is feasible. For example, you should be able to sell water and bottles of soft drinks at the same time. If you sell energy drinks, you should also be able to sell soda cans using the same machine.

Choosing a machine that gives you these options not only allows you to attract different types of customers; it also allows you to make changes as needed. For example, if you want to sell fewer soft drinks and more water, the vending machine should be flexible enough to allow you to do this.

Choosing the right vending machine is a very important step when starting a vending machine business. You want a vending machine that comes with at least the bare minimum features and additional ones that would be beneficial to you and your customers.