Cinderella Movie Review #Cinderella

Cinderella Movie

**I was lucky enough to preview this movie for Disney, but all opinions are my own***   Cinderella is one of the best stories of  jealousy and love out there. I know that sounds a little out in left field, but it teaches kids a lot.  Love and kindness brings out the good in them […]

Planes: Fire & Rescue Movie Review


Over the last few months my son has seen commercials for Planes 2: Fire & Rescue and has begged to go. He loves firemen and police officers.  I was a little apprehensive because of his past track record (screaming at the top of his lungs in Despicable Me 2 and crying until we left the […]



I actually am one of the few people who has not seen Sleeping Beauty. Yeah I know I was deprived! All I ever knew is that this girl got cursed by a bad witch to sleep forever or until her prince came to wake her up. So yeah I was going into this movie a […]

$50 Origami Owl Shopping Spree giveaway Ends 5/8

Origami Owl

One of my favorite things to do is finding little unknown stores and support them anyway I can. I just love the story behind a place that started out of a garage with just an idea or someone having a dream for themselves having it take off.  The simplicity of the idea just intrigues me. […]

Captain American: The Winter Soldier


Before this movie came out I was lucky enough to preview this movie. I am not a huge super hero fan, but my husband is so I thought it would be a fun treat to take him out to the movies. I will say I was pleasantly surprised about the movie and really enjoyed it. […]

Muppets Most Wanted Movie review


Muppets Most wanted Walking into this movie I was a little apprehensive.  I LOVED the Muppets as a kid and I was not sure how this would measure up to what I remembered as a kid. After about 5 minutes into the movie I relaxed and realized they did a good job so I just […]

The Inside out bag from Thirty One Ends 1/28


Have you seen this Inside out bag from Thirty One? I LOVE it!  A few weeks ago I was packing for a vacation that had two nights that were formal. I had to think about what bags I wanted to bring with me on those formal nights.  This bag would have solved that problem.  With […]

Frozen Movie Review


  Who knew there was a a cartoon movie that I would enjoy as much as a child, but I just love the movie Frozen. Since I have a little boy and he had no interest in seeing the movie I decided to borrow my friend’s little girl. I am not sure who liked it […]

Thor: The Dark World Movie Review


If you only have time to see one movie this coming holiday season I would suggest this movie!  I loved this movie from beginning to end.  Here is the synopsis of the movie: “Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”  battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe […]

Thirty-One Every-Day Wristlet

Thirty-One Wristlet

Christmas is only 9 weeks away! Can you believe that?  If you are anything like me you have a christmas list a mile long.  There is the kids and most men who wants the latest toys and gadgets. Those things can be pricy and not all the easy to get. How about the ladies in your […]