Growing up

To my little man, You are growing up way too fast! I can hardly stand it! How can you be starting kindergarden this year? I feel like it was just yesterday that you was born! How do mom’s do this? I just want you to stay home with me. We have had our own little […]

Guardian Angels

Above song by Alabama Called “Angels Among us” When I first moved to Arizona we only had one car and I had to take the bus home from work every day.  At the time I was REALLY nervous because I had never been on a bus on my own in a big city like Phoenix. […]

Wee Believers Review

I have been trying to think of creative ways to tell my son about the real story of Easter. I read him about it from his little Bible and try to do creative stuff to make sure he knows that easter is not just easter baskets and egg hunts. Wee Believers also likes the idea […]

To my sweet Brasen

Today was the day we were supposed to meet. Today we were supposed to hear your sweet little cry Today your big brother was supposed to give you a little kiss Today we were supposed to hold you with tears of joy in our eyes. but it was not to be Today you to run […]

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus?

This is something that my husband and I talked about a lot. He believed as a child and I didn’t.  I never believed in Santa, thanks to two older brothers who said he was hit by a car before I was born LOL! My husband did believe in Santa (he is the older child so […]

Music it really does tame the savage beast

Does anyone else believe this?   Music is what calms me. I love music! The lyrics to some songs are what my inside is feeling even if I can’t get out that from the outside.  I swear some people are just AWESOME with words! Everything that we have gone through in the last few years […]