IVF Part 10: Miscarriage

I have not been on here in over a week I apologize for that. This weeks has been a really a tough week for our family. After all the IVF treatments, medications, and ultrasounds we made it to 6 weeks 2 days and then baby stopped developing and died. I wanted to share this with […]

IVF Part 9: 5 weeks 5 days

I just wanted to share my first ultrasound! Thank you for all your kind comments so far! I love it!! Next week I have another ultrasound to get the heartbeat! SOOO can’t wait!!

IVF Part 8

After a week and a half of waiting we went in for the pregnancy test! Guess what guys?!!! It was positive!! So we are 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant!  Of course I am scared that something could happen but I pray that it is God’s will that this baby sticks in there! THANK YOU […]

IVF Part 7 here are the first pictures!!

Just wanted to share this with you! Here are pictures from yesterday! Waiting to go in! In all the garb YEAH! just LOVE this one!  The eggs just out of the freeze Proof they are both growing and alive Picture inside (I circled the eggs) Thank you for everyone’s prays and thoughtful comments over all […]

IVF Part 6! The BIG day!

Today is the BIG day!We will transfer the last two eggs! I am SOOO ready! I am at peace with what happens. I have been praying a lot about it and honestly whatever is God’s will I will accept. I have a beautiful little boy that God blessed us with 3 years ago! I enjoy […]

IVF part 5 OUCH!!!

On Thursday I had my last appointment before the BIG day! Everything is looking wonderful so we are a go for the egg transfer on May 25th!Friday I started Progesterone in oil shots! It is VERY thick and needs a BIG needle.  18 gauge needle to be exact: (the biggest one of all pictured below) […]

IVF part 4 call me pizza face

Well a week from tomorrow is the BIG day! They will transfer the last two eggs we have and I can’t wait.  But before that I have a TON of stuff I need to do to prepare to do it.Sunday (yup Sunday) I had to go in and get blood work and ultrasound to make […]

Ivf Treatments part 3

Well it is here…tonight I start with shots AHHHHHHHHHHH. The shots I start with are Lupron. They are the smaller of the two shots I have to give myself. This one is in the abdomen. This is my look when I remembered how many shots I have to take… I have a schedule of what […]

I feel like a drug addict!

As most of you know I am about to start shots for IVF (Next week wednesday is the first shot!)  Should BE AWESOME (RIIIIIGHHHHTTT). I wanted to continue to share with you as the process goes! Keeping my eyes on the prize hopefully by the end of May we will be preggo with our second […]

IVF Treatments

It can be scary and intimidating to go through IVF treatments. I know it because I am starting the process for a second time. I have a better idea what to expect and thought I would share my experience. SO come along on the journey as we go through this again. The first time I […]