To my sweet Brasen

Today was the day we were supposed to meet. Today we were supposed to hear your sweet little cry Today your big brother was supposed to give you a little kiss Today we were supposed to hold you with tears of joy in our eyes. but it was not to be Today you to run […]

Music it really does tame the savage beast

Does anyone else believe this?   Music is what calms me. I love music! The lyrics to some songs are what my inside is feeling even if I can’t get out that from the outside.  I swear some people are just AWESOME with words! Everything that we have gone through in the last few years […]

Guess who…

As most of you know I had a miscarriage a few months ago after IVF treatments (almost 4 month to the day) to read about it click here. Since then I have gone on a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Some days I am upset and angry about this other days ok and at peace […]

Guest post from The Hoyt Family part 2

Here is the second part of the Amanda’s guest spot!  I am so grateful that she is willing to do this for me!!  THANK YOU Amanda!!   Now without further ado…. Michelle asked me to guest post on her blog…can I tell you that this is an honor for me?  I’ve NEVER been asked to […]

Guest post from The Hoyt Family part 1 (M.E.N.D.)

Hi guys!  I asked a friend of mine to do a guest post for me just because she is cool like that! I met her on the M.E.N.D. (she will explain what it is). I have felt VERY loved in the group. I hope that sharing this will help those out there that hurt like we […]

Naming our little one

I was talking to my counselor last night. She is helping through this whole process. I really like her a lot. She is a great counselor and she is also a christian. It really helps me. She said that we should name the baby even though we lost it and don’t know the sex. It […]

Our little sweet baby

We loss baby at 7 weeks and months of IVF treatments Our little sweet babyYou were here for only 7 weeksbut touched our hearts forever.I miss you SO much I can hardly stand it I had already imagined the day you would be bornhow your big brother would protect youhow daddy would dote on youhow […]

IVF Part 10: Miscarriage

I have not been on here in over a week I apologize for that. This weeks has been a really a tough week for our family. After all the IVF treatments, medications, and ultrasounds we made it to 6 weeks 2 days and then baby stopped developing and died. I wanted to share this with […]