One Minute Lava cake: From “The Makers Kitchen”

So I bet you are wondering who/what or where is The Maker’s Kitchen.  I am a HUGE food network or just plain food TV fan. I love seeing all the food that I wish I could make. It is fun to see what all these creative people do in their kitchen.  Well since I watch […]

Quick and Easy Grilled pizza

I am a grill girl. I swear that grill can make just about anything taste awesome. I am willing to try anything on the grill at least once. So when I decided to try a grilled Pizza I think my husband thought I was crazy but I just LOVED the idea! Here is what you […]

Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style

Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style? I know it is Monday and I need to get the menu planning Monday up but my hand is killing me (LOONNNGGG story that basically involved a dog and me being dragged behind him on the road).  This recipe I did a few weeks ago but then lost the actual […]

St Patty Day Cake Cookies

The risky kitchen has opened again to try and make something for people to enjoy. It is amazing that we came out without permanent damage to me, the house or the dog.  I tried to cook something… Yeah THAT turned out well! I can cook… I have proved it in other post but this was […]

Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Today I decided to put on my chef’s hat.  Yup that’s right you heard me I am cooking.. go! RUN! before the kitchen explodes! Cooking and baking with me you put you life in your own hands! I am a little bit of a klutz with that mixed with ADD makes for a dangerous combination. […]

The Secret Kiss Cupcake (just in time for Valentines)

Valentines day is just around the corner (or retailers want you to think it is 11:59 PM on February 13th right now). Ever just want to surprise your loved one with something fun? Being a Pinterest addicted OF COURSE I went there to get some ideas and found some great ideas. This one was my […]

Meal Planning Monday

So this year I have decided to start out with themes each day. That way I have a plan of action! I figure new year… new blog ideas so today I am starting with Meal planning Monday. I am trying to do freezer meal as well as cook something for each night.  I have a […]

Merry Christmas!

Here is a great hot chocolate recipe that will go great with Christmas! (been trying to get this out since christmas but the post would not go up LOL)

Halloween Fun

While my friend was in town she had this awesome idea of doing some halloween fun! First we made Hot dog mummies All you need is hot dogs, crescent rolls and cookies sheet to put them on! My son was in heaven doing this! He not only got to play with his food but he […]

Coffee Cheesecake recipe #ChooseSmart #Cbias #Sfsmarties

My hubby is a good guy. He does a lot for his family. When my son or I break something he is always there to rescue us by fixing it. He helps with dishes and laundry when I am busy here in my blog or running after our son. My son LOVES to play with daddy […]