One Minute Lava cake: From “The Makers Kitchen”

So I bet you are wondering who/what or where is The Maker’s Kitchen.  I am a HUGE food network or just plain food TV fan. I love seeing all the food that I wish I could make. It is fun to see what all these creative people do in their kitchen.  Well since I watch […]

St Patty Day Cake Cookies

The risky kitchen has opened again to try and make something for people to enjoy. It is amazing that we came out without permanent damage to me, the house or the dog.  I tried to cook something… Yeah THAT turned out well! I can cook… I have proved it in other post but this was […]

The Secret Kiss Cupcake (just in time for Valentines)

Valentines day is just around the corner (or retailers want you to think it is 11:59 PM on February 13th right now). Ever just want to surprise your loved one with something fun? Being a Pinterest addicted OF COURSE I went there to get some ideas and found some great ideas. This one was my […]

Coffee Cheesecake recipe #ChooseSmart #Cbias #Sfsmarties

My hubby is a good guy. He does a lot for his family. When my son or I break something he is always there to rescue us by fixing it. He helps with dishes and laundry when I am busy here in my blog or running after our son. My son LOVES to play with daddy […]

Cartbusters from Kroger is back!! #CleverCartBuster #spon.

I am actually excited about the Cartbuster sale (yeah I know I have no life) because I am out of just about everything and really need to stock up. A Kroger owned store is just a two minute drive from my house so I will be totally taking advantage of this sale. The stores that […]

Del Monte fruit cups and the after school snack #SmartSnack #Cbias

This post is brought you to today by the number 5 as in a  5 year old who expects a “special treat” everyday after school. The following conversation takes place in a car somewhere in Arizona at 3:05 EVERYDAY: **disclosure the very first day of school we treated him to a special treat at Ihop… […]

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I thought I would share this recipe on my own blog, you will see the same recipe on another blog because I was a contributor to that blog for this recipe. I thought I would also share it with my readers because I thought it turned out so cute! I will be the first to […]

Red Velvet Cookie Challange #TemptYourSenses #CBias

When you walk in the house you get the awesome aroma of something baking.  What is it? Cookies? Cake? Well what ever it is it sure will be eaten the second it comes out of the oven.  You then realize you are the mom and if there is something in the oven baking then someone […]

Cream Cheese pudding dessert Safeway National June Dairy Month #JuneDairyMovies #CBias

So it is 110 outside and you have newly freed children that already are saying “I’m bored” and you are desperately are trying to think of something to do that does not involve video games.  Safeway actually has a good answer for this.  June is national dairy month at Safeway (#JuneDairyMovies). How does this solve […]

Strawberry Meringue Pie

I have heard you never try a new recipe when you are going to have company. You always stick with what you know tastes good and let your immediate family be the guinea pigs for the new stuff. Then there is ME. I take it as a challenge and try to find something new each […]