Decorating Your Home: To Hire or Not to Hire a Professional Decorator

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Perhaps, one of the biggest decisions for a family who has just built a home or moved in a new place is whether to hire or not to hire a decorator to take care of the place.

As we all know, the beauty of a home may speak volumes of the people living inside it. Unfortunately, even in today’s world, the idea that hiring interior decorators is only for those who own mansions or those who are celebrities is still prevalent.

Not many realize that there exists great decorators who offer services at a reasonable price.

Still, the question boggles the minds of new homeowners—is it best to hire a decorator? Or is it unnecessary? Will it help my family save money? Here, we will try our best to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of hiring and/or not hiring a house decorator.

Hiring a Decorator


  • Decorators have many connections—both affordable and expensive ones for things you will need at home. They may even refer you to affordable painters and contractors to do the work. 

In addition, decorators also know more about where to get unique and beautiful furniture to use in your place. Without their connections, some homeowners may be paying twice the original price.

  • Hiring a decorator only means that your place will be taken care of by a professional—these are people who has studied color theories, furniture styles and the like.

They are very creative and will definitely give your home an amazing look. With their help, they can help you in maximizing the spaces you have around your house by helping you in terms of creatively positioning your furniture, appliances, paintings, etc.

  •  Hiring an interior decorator is also cost effective and efficient. Aside from ensuring that you end up with good quality paint, floors, furniture, counters, etc.—you will also not worry about how these will look in your home.

Usually, decorating the place without the help of a professional decorator, homeowners end up paying more for re-painting, changing the tiles, moving the furniture, etc.

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  •  The main downside to hiring decorators is really the fact that you need to pay them. Their services are not for free and so they will charge you for the services they will provide.
  •  It is possible for homeowners to end up hiring decorators whose main intention is to suck money out of their client’s pockets—this may be devastating especially if the client or homeowner is not aware of it.
  •   Decorators may be influenced by their own styles and ideas—this is why, as a client, you should always work alongside the decorator. Make sure you tell them, in detail, what you truly want for the place. However, if you do not mind getting inputs from them, this should not be a problem.

At the end of the day, hiring a decorator has its undeniable pros and cons—the decision is up to you. Try to weigh the good sides and bad sides and see which side you are leaning towards more.

Moreover, if you do decide to hire a decorator, make sure you get those who can be trusted, such as Bidvine decorators, and avoid those who seem to be shady.

More Ideas

You may also opt to hire a decorator whenever your have some parties or events held at home.  A great way to lighten up your parties would definitely be by securing laser lights; if you’re not sure what laser lights are, check them out here.