Repeating a grade: A mom’s perpective

5th grade

When I was a kid I was an excellent student. I excelled in my class and the teachers said that I was a bright child... then I went into first grade. … [Continue reading]

One Minute Lava cake: From “The Makers Kitchen”

Lava Cake Finish

So I bet you are wondering who/what or where is The Maker's Kitchen.  I am a HUGE food network or just plain food TV fan. I love seeing all the food … [Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday: What we do when we’re bored…

Hair cut

[Continue reading]

Wordless Wednesday: Redneck?


This needs a caption! Help me with a caption.  Just to give you an idea. This person was towing a truck, then put another truck on the moving truck … [Continue reading]



A few weeks ago we decided to that our 5 year old son should start learning to ride a two wheeler. He was scared to do it and although he did OK he … [Continue reading]

Quick and Easy Grilled pizza


I am a grill girl. I swear that grill can make just about anything taste awesome. I am willing to try anything on the grill at least once. So when I … [Continue reading]

Living with IBS


Have I ever mentioned that I have IBS? I am betting not because it is not something I dwell on. The last few weeks it has reminded me that it is still … [Continue reading]

Chew on this: Arizona Science Center

Chew on this

I have been on a food kick lately have you noticed? ;)  No I am not becoming a total foodie blogger but lately cooking has been my thing! So I ran … [Continue reading]

Disney Planes

For some reason I am excited for this movie to come out LOL.  Can't wait for August 9th! ;) … [Continue reading]

Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style


Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style? I know it is Monday and I need to get the menu planning Monday up but my hand is killing me (LOONNNGGG story that … [Continue reading]