Reasons Why Wooden Jewelry Box is Better

There are several types and kinds of jewellery boxes in the market today – different in sizes, shapes, styles, designs, and materials. However, when it comes to better options, jewellery boxes made from wooden are far more recommended by most jewelers than using other kinds of jewellery storages.

Jewellery boxes today can be made from – cardboard, leather or faux leather, glass, plastics, metal, and wood. Even though jewellery boxes that are made from glass and metals are quite impressive, wooden-made-jewelry boxes are still very commendable; and here are the top reasons why wooden jewellery boxes are the best:

Reason #1: Robust, sturdier, and durable

Metal-made jewellery boxes are without any question the sturdiest material that a jewellery box can be made of. However, unlike wooden jewellery boxes, most of the metal-made storage boxes for your jewellery are prone to metal oxidation, also known as rust; which can cause damage to your jewellery.

Fortunately, jewellery boxes today that are made from woods that are guaranteed durable, robust, and sturdy woods – just like walnut, oak, maple, pine mahogany, and more. The durability of the wood can also depend on how it was treated – a jewellery box made from a well-treated wood is considered a good jewellery box.

Reason #2: Timeless

Wooden-made jewellery box is timeless; no matter what the trend is, a classically designed wooden jewellery box can keep up with new trends. There are jewellery boxes today that are designed with exceptional carves or engraves, making your jewellery special inside the box.

If you are looking for a perfect item as a gift, well-constructed, and well-designed wooden jewellery is one of the best choices – timeless and exceptional; especially those with carvings.

Reason #3: Keeps every jewellery safe from damages

A piece of jewellery can acquire damages even if it was securely kept inside a storage box; this often happens when the jewellery box doesn’t have a soft-to-touch lining or jewellery box is made from metal, and or if the box doesn’t have compartments.

A well-treated jewellery box can keep your jewellery safe from moisture that can cause damage to the item; this is one of the reasons why several jewelers today are recommending using a wooden-made jewellery box than metal or plastic-made.

If you are planning to purchase jewellery boxes that are made from wood, you should check a few from My Treasure Box; there is a variety of large jewellery boxes that are made of wood that you can choose from. Here are a few:

  • Pearl Time Jewellery Watch Box, Curved Top, Piano Brown Finish, 20cm
  • Cambridge Large Five Drawer Wooden Jewellery Box, Cherry, 45cm
  • Cambridge Swivel Timber Jewellery Box, Brown, 19cm
  • Cambridge Large Five Drawer Wooden Jewellery Box, Brown, 45cm

All jewellery boxes mentioned are guaranteed durable, inexpensive, and classically designed with timeless designs.

Final Thoughts

Wooden jewellery boxes are exceptional – you’ll find it durable, precious, and worth-it. So, if you are currently looking for a well-constructed storage box for your jewellery, try considering buying a wooden-made jewellery box. You’ll never regret buying one today, especially if it is from My Treasure Box.

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