Tuesday Tickle


Tuesday Tickle is back after a week off! You all,  if you have not gone to “Damn you Autocorrect” you are missing out! Every time I go there I leave with my gut hurting and tears streaming down my face from laughter! Here is a few:   Dumb Laws comes all the way from Massachusetts. […]

Tuesday Tickle and also my cooking adventures!


  Why I hate to cook…  So as you might or might not know I am not a very good cook. You might also know (or not) that I am one of the biggest klutz, well now lets put those two things together and here is what you come up with… I decided to make […]

Tuesday Tickle

Credit webdonuts

I found these on Damn you auto correct I had tears streaming down my face with some that I read. Too bad I can’t post most of them LOL!   Dumb laws this week comes from the state of Wisconsin (Thank you to Dumb Laws.com) Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state […]

Tuesday Tickle

Credit: Webdonuts

I just love finding stuff that makes me laugh. With Tuesday Tickle early in the week seems to make the rest of the week a little easier because then I can think back to Tuesday and get a little laugh. So here is what I found this week for a little chuckle. Burglar breaks into […]