Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style

Spinach Lasagna freezer meal style? I know it is Monday and I need to get the menu planning Monday up but my hand is killing me (LOONNNGGG story that basically involved a dog and me being dragged behind him on the road).  This recipe I did a few weeks ago but then lost the actual […]

Meal Planning Monday

Hey look at that! I am getting Meal planning Monday post up actually on MONDAY! This weeks list looks good to me! I can’t wait to try all of them! Swedish meatballs Sticky Glazed Chicken with Couscous Basil, Tomato and Mozzarella in wonton wrappers Pork Carnitas (I am trying to find the pin for it) […]

Monday Menu Planning

Third week in a row that it is coming on Tuesday! I swear Meal Planning Monday is turning in to Tuesday turnovers LOL. ADD take ahold and forgetfulness abounds (or maybe it is mom brain). I remembered late yesterday by then it was too late!! So without further delay here is this weeks menu plan! […]

Meal Planning Monday

Its time for meal planning Monday… er um Tuesday. Yes I know again it is Tuesday, but I was a cooking fool yesterday and I am going to share what I cooked over the next few weeks. So here is what I am planning for the week! This week I will add what you need […]

Meal Planning Monday

This week has been one of those weeks where I can’t seem to get out of my rut of what to make. I am always looking for something new but usually go back to the same ol’ same ol. I hope these will change it up a little. Again I will be trying to find […]

Monday Meal planning

I know, I know it is not Monday any more but the meal planning still was done. I decided to go to the zoo with my son and geocaching yesterday with my son since he had the day off from school. So with out much ado here is my list for the week! Baked Tacos […]

Meal Planning Monday

I saw a great quote this morning to go with Meal Planning Monday.. “The horrible thing about Mondays is that there is one every week. The wonderful thing about Mondays is that there is ONLY one every week.”  So here is Monday again and even though it is Monday remember tomorrow is almost here! 😉 […]

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning Monday is back!! Ribs, chip, 4 chocolate brownies and a alcoholic beverage… what is that?? Superbowl party food that I ate! Now that the superbowl is over and all that yummy food is gone I am going to try to get back on my new years resolution and eat a few more healthy […]

Meal planning Monday and how to freeze stuff!

So Monday has come back with a vengeance and I am struggling this week with what to make for my weekly meal plans! I am always on the hunt for some good meals that have SOME healthy portion to them but alas sometimes I fail!  SO here is what I am planning this week to […]

Meal Planning Monday

So this year I have decided to start out with themes each day. That way I have a plan of action! I figure new year… new blog ideas so today I am starting with Meal planning Monday. I am trying to do freezer meal as well as cook something for each night.  I have a […]