Wordless Wednesday: Redneck?

This needs a caption! Help me with a caption.  Just to give you an idea. This person was towing a truck, then put another truck on the moving truck sticking off the end of it and was waiting to get on the highway.

Tuesday Tickle

Tuesday Tickle is back after a week off! You all,  if you have not gone to “Damn you Autocorrect” you are missing out! Every time I go there I leave with my gut hurting and tears streaming down my face from laughter! Here is a few:   Dumb Laws comes all the way from Massachusetts. […]

Tuesday Tickle and also my cooking adventures!

  Why I hate to cook…  So as you might or might not know I am not a very good cook. You might also know (or not) that I am one of the biggest klutz, well now lets put those two things together and here is what you come up with… I decided to make […]

Tuesday Tickle

I found these on Damn you auto correct I had tears streaming down my face with some that I read. Too bad I can’t post most of them LOL!   Dumb laws this week comes from the state of Wisconsin (Thank you to Dumb Laws.com) Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state […]

Tuesday Tickle

I just love finding stuff that makes me laugh. With Tuesday Tickle early in the week seems to make the rest of the week a little easier because then I can think back to Tuesday and get a little laugh. So here is what I found this week for a little chuckle. Burglar breaks into […]

Just a little humor with this whole Chick fil A thing

This just hit my funny bone. I can just see my son asking me this very same question! I thought that we needed to just laugh a little!    

ROFL auto correct text messages

These Auto corrects TOTALLY made ROFL.  If you want to read more of these (BELIEVE ME there are some absolutely hilarious out there that I can’t put in a family friendly blog) go to http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/ which is where I got these!                  

Kids say the darndest things

Kids make me laugh! They are funny in just about every way possible but the stuff that comes out of their mouths seriously cracks me up. The other day my 4 year son came down the stairs and as always tells me he lost something.   J: mommy I can’t find my magnet Me: J! […]