No Money, No Problem: Inexpensive Activities For The Family

setting up movie night at home

The truth is money is not everything that makes the world go round. There may be times when resourcefulness and creativity is all you need for you to enjoy.

Every family needs to set fun activities to spend time together. Families, whether separated/divorced or not, parents still need to bond with their kids and when the budget is tight, there’s no need to worry.

Going Practical

We firmly believe in using money wisely. Let’s be real, we ought to have a practical mindset today. Nothing is getting cheaper and in order to secure our family’s future, we must resort to cost-saving and practical activities which will not compromise the fun experience we will have with our family.

Inexpensive Activities

  • Movie Night

The only expenses you’ll incur on this one is probably from buying popcorn and other snacks or drinks; other than that, there’s really not much to spend on. You can simply download movies from the internet. By connecting your laptop to your television set, you’ll be able to stream movies for the family to enjoy,

  • Short Road Trip

A short road trip won’t cost that much as well; just a couple of bucks for the gas and food. And if you’ll be needing a bigger car, you might want to rent one (with reasonable price) from

Furthermore, planning out the destinations and stopovers ahead of time will also help you save on the costs. Through this, you’ll be able to make some budget allocations. You may also want to search ahead a list of inexpensive food places you can visit during your road trip with the family.

how to prepare for family picnic

  • Home Baking

Another fun and inexpensive activity is baking (or cooking at home). Of course, you’ll have to spend on the ingredients but luckily, there are many home baking ingredients that are quite cheap. Aside from having fun, you’ll also end up eating yummy cakes or cookies with your family.

  • Game Night

Set up a game night at home. Bring out the video gaming consoles, cards, boards, etc. There is definitely no need to go to a gaming cafe since you can easily do these fun activities at home. Thanks to the internet, there are also lots of group games online which you and the rest of the family can play.

  • Park Visits

No one ever gets tired of the beautiful scenery and experiences nature has to offer. Taking a trip to the park is always a great bonding activity for the family. It’s great get some fresh air every once in awhile.

  • Have a Picnic

You can have a picnic at home (in your backyard or front yard) or at the park, it’s up to you. Just make sure you prepare the food  (sandwiches, desserts, etc.) and drinks. Your little ones will surely love this activity.

Bottom Line

Who says inexpensive activities can’t be fun? The list above is a proof that budgeting can be made awesome for as long as you know how to be resourceful and creative with the activities.


Essential Things Every Parents Must Have for Their Babies

important baby essentials

Being a parent is one of the toughest challenges in life. Taking care of a child is not a joke as it entails serious time and effort from caregivers. As parents, there are a lot of sacrifices you need to make for your kids. Not only will you lose sleep over crying babies, you will also need to invest in some important things to make your parenting life more livable.

Buying Baby Essentials

Although it’s not impossible to survive parenting without these essential baby stuff, investing in them will make a difference and it’s a good one too. These essential products will help you save time and effort whenever you take care of your baby. In addition, these things will also secure the baby’s comfort and safety. Simply put, these products will make your parenting life and your baby’s life much easier.

So, without further delay, let us check out the list of some baby essentials that every parent must have inside their home.

List of the Essentials

  • Soothing Sound Machine

As you turn into parents, you’ll realize that one of the best moments in life is when your highly-active child is fast asleep. During this time, the house is calm, peaceful, and free from crying and shouting. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to put a baby to sleep. However, with the help of a soothing sound machine that is usually tucked in stuffed toys, your baby will fall asleep faster.

  • High chair or booster seat

It’s quite difficult to feed babies while placing them on chairs that are intended for adults. Chances are, they’ll be twirling around the seat. This is why a high chair is necessary; here, your baby snuggly fits and can even be locked in for safety. Most high chairs will also come with their own table which can be a good place to place the baby’s food, drinks, or even toys.

An alternative to high chair are booster chairs which you simply attach to your dining table; this makes it easier for the baby to join in the family table easily.

taking care of kids

  • Baby’s crib

To free yourself from following your baby all over the place, a crib would be perfect. Simply put your baby inside the crib and you can easily go on with your chores. Just make sure the crib is safe and secure for your baby.

  • Baby carrier and stroller

It’s not that pleasant to have a trip at malls or parks without a baby carrier or stroller. Chances are, your arms will grow super tired as you carry around your baby for hours. That being said, make sure you get yourself a baby carrier and/or stroller of great quality. To find the cheapest carriers that won’t break the bank check out Kokopax Review of the Mission Critical Baby Carrier. As for strollers, this might be useful if your baby is quite heavy to carry around.

  • Potty trainer

It’s very important for early toddlers to have potty training. This way, they won’t rely much on diapers. This is also a way to make them feel independent and kids love that. Some parents have even ventured into potty training their babies from birth; however, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, you may start potty training them at the age of 2.

  • Bibs, table mats, and floor mats.

Babies can get real messy when having their meals. Thus, it’s important for them to wear a bib that will keep the food stains away from their clothing. If they have their own little space to eat in, table mats as well as floor mats should also be used for easier cleaning. This way, parents won’t have to spend extra time cleaning the floor or table.

  • Safety gate

With kids around, you might also have to decorate your home once more. If you have stairs at home, a safety gate is important to help babies avoid climbing up and down the stairs by themselves.  Also for areas such as the kitchen, you might want to install a safety gate as well. Furthermore, you may also make use of baby gates or railings to create a little space for your kids that is safe for playing around.