Wordless Wednesday: What we do when we’re bored…

Wordless Wednesday: Redneck?

This needs a caption! Help me with a caption.  Just to give you an idea. This person was towing a truck, then put another truck on the moving truck sticking off the end of it and was waiting to get on the highway.

Wordless Wednesday: My Gator Boy

Can you guess my son’s favorite show?

Wordless Wednesday #WW: Faster than a Speeding Bullet homework is done…

Wordless Wednesday #WW: Mommy I want to be when I grow up a….

Wordless Wednesday #WW: AHHHH Shark!

Wordless Wednesday #WW: Happy Halloween!!!

Wordless Wednesday #WW: Birthday glow

Wordless Wednesday #WW: Just imagination

Wordless Wednesday: Go light your world